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Garage Door Service in Sun City, CA

Garage Door Repair of Sun City, CA is your one-stop shop for all your garage door service and repair needs. We offer a full range of repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our experienced and qualified technicians will guarantee your satisfaction. One call does it all. Call us today and leave the garage door to us. 

Things That Can Go Wrong

Aside from the door being stuck closed and unable to open, there are other things that can go wrong with your garage door. 

Does your garage door go half-way and then goes down? 

Garage doors have safety systems built in. If a door won’t open all the way it is usually caused by something binding in the system. Visually check the cable and rails for any obstruction. Do not disconnect the drive cable or chain unless the door is completely closed. 

Does the garage door come down then opens again? 

This is the other side of the safety system. To prevent injury there are sensors that tell the door to stay open to prevent it from closing on someone.   that the area at the bottom of the door is free of obstructions. If the problem persists, there are 2 “eyes” that provide a continuous beam from one side of the door to the other. Check to see if one of these is no lined up with the other. 

Do I Need Regular Maintenance

We at Garage Door Repair, Sun City are happy to provide rapid repair service. Why wait till there is a problem? We recommend a regular check and maintenance on your garage door system. When we come out and service your system we check:

  • Lubricate the springs, rollers and drive cable or chain. 
  •  Make sure the rollers are properly aligned in the rails. 
  •  Make sure the electronics are properly set to prevent overloading the motor and damaging the gears.
  • Make sure the door hinges are lubricated and rotating freely, without binding.
  • Make sure the eye sensors are properly aligned.

When Should I Have My Garage Door Service?

Garage Door Repair recommends an annual inspection and service. Many failures are the result of improper adjustments or binding due to lack of lubrication. Also, some parts of the system are under constant pressure and will eventually break. And annual inspection, tuning, and lubrication can prevent many of these types of failures. 

It is your choice what time of year to service your garage door. Some prefer the spring along with spring cleaning. While others prefer the fall when they are preparing for cooler weather and more frequent rains. 

Schedule Your Service Today

Our team at Garage Door Repair, Sun City, CA is here to take care of all your maintenance and inspection needs. We service the entire Sun City area and service all brands of garage doors. Why wait and suffer the stress of being stranded inside your home or unable to get in? Call and schedule an inspection and service today. 

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